Kutztown University students are on high alert after a string of armed robberies.

A group of masked men has been targeting students at their off-campus apartments, and the robbers are still on the loose, said police.

"I'm scared. I feel really scared to know someone came into my apartment and took stuff. I don't feel very safe," said Aleaha Ortona, a junior at KU.

Ortona was not home at the time, but her apartment was one of several hit in connection with the robberies.

On Sunday, the Bieber Square Apartments on Bieber Alley became the latest spot robbed by a group of gun-toting thieves, said police.

"Went in through my window, took two laptops and a watch," said Bill McMonigle, a senior who had about $1,300 of valuables taken.

A 22-year-old woman sitting in the Bieber Alley complex parking lot was also robbed, and then struck in the face, police said.

"I believe she was texting and not really aware of her surroundings, and they approached her," said Chief Craig Summers, Kutztown Police Dept.

Two days before, Summers said another off-campus complex was robbed on South White Oak Street. A week before that it was the Briar Cliffe apartments. Now, students said they're living on edge.

"It makes you feel uncomfortable, but not the fact that someone got robbed, but someone would do that," said John Merlino, a sophomore who lives at Briar Cliffe.

Guns were displayed at all three locations, and this is not one person acting alone, said police.

"They're wearing hoodies and masks, so we don't have any good descriptions other than to say they're black males," said Summers.

Police are advising students to be aware of their surroundings and make sure their doors and windows are locked.

If anyone sees something unusual, they're urged to call police.