The moving on ceremony at Thomas Ford Elementary in Reading brought out a mix of emotions Wednesday.

The ceremony honors the 5th grade students who are leaving the school and heading to 6th grade.

It's normally cause for celebration, but the school may be shut down to help the district close its $40 million budget gap, and that has students and school officials feeling sad.

"I'm sad because I'm not gonna see this school no more," said Raymond Garcia. "It's gonna shut down and everything and it makes me have some memories."

"It's bittersweet," said Angel Zimmerman, principal. "It's sad to see the building possibly close, but also exciting to start new challenges."

"Here, it's family. It's not a staff, teacher. It's a family," said Miriam Feliciano, PTA president.

If the school is closed, students will be moved to other schools in the district.