Berks County detectives and Wyomissing police raided a day spa in Wyomissing on Wednesday, and they said they arrested a Chinese woman on prostitution charges.

Neighbors said they weren't surprised. A neighbor of the Sunrise Day Spa at State Hill and Valley roads said it's been open since August 1, and he said immediately he noticed a change in the neighborhood.

"I don't know who tipped them off, but I'm glad they did," said Josue Torres, who's been suspicious of the spa.

"They're advertising for a spa, Chinese massage and all this stuff, but they're all male clients," said Torres. "You never see anybody else but guys coming here."

Torres said the spa keeps late hours, and based on advertisements, it was open until 10 p.m., or even 11 p.m..

"Creepy guys, older guys, and Monday through Sunday, they're here from the morning to night," said Torres.

Torres said he's glad the police came and hopes it eventually can be shut down.

"I don't like that type of stuff around my kids," said Torres. "We moved out of Reading into this neighborhood because we thought it's a safe neighborhood. It's got great schools, and to see that next to where I live or where my kids play, it's disgusting."

"We had received a number of complaints," said District Attorney John Adams.

The district attorney said detectives arrested Zhen Lin, also known as Lisa. He said at the time, they found items associated with prostitution and $2,500 in cash. Lin has been charged with prostitution and related offenses, and Adams said she has three prior prostitution arrests.

"So, clearly this establishment was hiring someone who has a history of prostitution," said Adams. "It will remain to be seen what steps are taken against this business, not only by our office but by local authorities."

The owner of the spa, Shxi Xin Xhang, or Alice, is Chinese said she has a good business and wants to know the truth about her worker.

Adams said the woman who was arrested is from China and does not have legal status in the United States. She is facing possible deportation.