A Bernville family lost almost everything in an electrical fire including their dog on Sunday. The family of six has each other and now the support of the Schuylkill Valley community.

The 18th century farmhouse in Bernville on Grange Road is uninhabitable because of a fire.

"I was sleeping and I smelled like smoke," said 11-year-old Skylar Miller, "Then I went into the dining room and I seen like flames everywhere."

Skylar Miller's mom was at work and dad just left to go to the grocery store.

"All I could think of was get out and call 9-1-1," said Miller.

Skylar said dad made it back before the firefighters.

"I just ran over to him and started hugging him," said Miller.

Firefighters said the cause of the fire was a malfunctioning electrical wire in an outlet. It was accidental.

Miller said he's sad.

"The thought of having like everything burn and all the dogs and everything," said Miller.

Skylar Miller's family has three dogs one of them made it out. But two needed to be rescued, especially Zena.

"I seen her, the firefighters pulled her out and she was laying on the ground," said Miller.

Skylar's mom, Jessica Miller said she arrived from Quakertown.

"I walked up and I seen the firefighter working on my dog on the ground," said Jessica Miller, "And that just, I jumped in and I did what I could to try and save her. Unfortunately, we lost her overnight to carbon monoxide poisoning."

Their other dog is receiving care at the Leesport Animal Hospital. The family didn't have renter's insurance and said they are starting from scratch.

All four of Jessica Miller's kids go to Schuylkill Valley schools. And moms pitched in to help. Tuesday night they were donating items in the elementary school parking lot.

"Because our sons know each other, I just figured she's always helping everyone else out and it's just the right thing to do," said Lyn Delcamp.

"These people are so generous," said Jessica Miller, "I can't believe people are doing this for us."

There will be another collection Wednesday at the middle school and again Thursday night in the elementary school parking lot.

"It's just a dream," said Skylar Miller, "Because everybody cares."