A veteran prosecutor is now seeking the top job in the courtroom.

Berks County First Assistant District Attorney Theresa Johnson is hoping to be elected judge for the Court of Common Pleas.

Johnson, with her boss, District Attorney John Adams by her side, announced her candidacy Wednesday at the Linton, Distasio & Edwards law firm on Mineral Spring Road in Reading.

Johnson, a native of Chapel Hill, N.C. and a graduate of Penn State University, got her start in the DA's office in 1993, as an intern still in law school. She was hired as an assistant district attorney after she graduated.

Johnson was promoted to chief of trials in 1998, but then left the office for a brief stint in private practice before returning in 2000. She left again in 2006 but returned in 2008 when Adams was elected district attorney.

Johnson, while prosecuting serious and complicated cases personally, also works closely with the county's vice detectives on drug investigations in Berks County and oversees all county-wide investigations involving consensual and non-consensual wiretap interceptions.

Common pleas judges are elected to serve 10-year terms.