Some Kutztown University students are on edge after two women were violently attacked and robbed.

Police say on Saturday, around 2 a.m., two women were attacked by a group of males and females as they were walking in the unit block of Noble Street.

Monica LeValle, a Kutztown University student, said she was angry and upset to hear the news. When asked if she still felt safe in the borough, she responded: "Not really. Not as much as I did before."  

Investigators say one of the victims was thrown against a car and when she tried to get up, she was punched even more.

Authorities say the criminals stole a cell phone, cash, and $280 worth of property.

After the altercation, the victims flagged down a police officer who later stopped the suspects, investigators said.

Asabi Garraway, 21, was arrested and charged in connection with the crime.

Kutztown police say that Garraway matched the description of a man who had been pointing a firearm at a house party in the area, earlier that night.

Cordell Rostick, 21, was also arrested, along with two juveniles.

The suspects are facing a long list of charges, including robbery.

No further information has been released on the condition of the victims.

69 News is working to find out if more arrests are pending.