Cars vandalized with rocks have some car owners in western Berks County furious.

"I just got it like two months ago, and this had to happen to it," said Stephanie, who only wanted to reveal her first name.

She says she noticed a dent, as well as the chipped paint, over the rear tail light on her 2013 Nissan around noon on Sunday while it was in Lower Heidelberg Township.

"I was furious. I don't understand what makes somebody do that to innocent people," Stephanie said.

Stephanie's story is not unique. In fact, police say the problem has stretched into Robesonia, Wernersville, and throughout parts of Lower Heidelberg Township.

"We feel it's probably kids in school because it's happening on Friday nights and Saturday nights," said James J. Girard, police commissioner for South Heidelberg Township police department.

So far, about 30 vehicles have been vandalized, officials said.

The rocks used in the attacks are generally found in spill wells, designed to slow the flow of water, said commissioner Girard.

These are just some of the clues that many are hoping will lead police to the vandals.

"I just hope we can find justice and it doesn't happen again and it stops," Stephanie said.

If you know anything about these crimes, you can Crime Alert: Berks County, anonymously. Information leading to an arrest could earn you a cash reward.

The number is: 877-373-9913.