Volunteers offer help to low-income tax-filers

Author: , Executive Producer, AUnger@wfmz.com
Published: Jan 25 2013 06:06:28 PM EST   Updated On: Jan 25 2013 06:10:37 PM EST

It's tax time again. Maybe you're not thrilled about it, but the Berks Community Action Program is.

The group held its annual kickoff to tax season Friday.

Starting on Monday, IRS-trained volunteers will do taxes for low income folks at the program's offices for free. The group is also getting the word out about a federal tax credit.

"We're looking to raise awareness about the earned income tax credit and encourage families to take advantage of it because it mean a large increase in their refund and some more money back in their pockets to take care of basic necessities and extras," said Jodi Readinger.

Anyone earning about $45,000 or less might qualify for the credit.

For more information, call the Berks Community Action Program at 610-376- 6571.