The Kutztown Folk Festival wouldn't be possible without its volunteers. One of those volunteers is 86 years old. And she is showing no signs of slowing down.

At the Grange Kitchen, you can get hot dogs, cheeseburgers and turkey barbecue served by dedicated volunteers. Fern Kerchner used to run the kitchen, but stepped down after 19 years.

Friday, Kerchner was busy in the back of the kitchen.

"I open all the packs and then we put them in buckets and they take them up front," said Kerchner opening hot dogs.

She said what she loves about coming back every year is seeing the other vendors from all over the country. After 19 years, they thought Fern had retired.

"'Oh you said last year you wouldn't be here,"  Kerchner said. "So I got an invitation to come back so that's why I'm here. Doing a favor."

Fern's a cancer survivor and said she almost died in 1990. She's cancer free now and doesn't need a drop of medicine.

"I feel wonderful except I had knee surgery," Kerchner said.

She's not as mobile as she used to be. So, for the last five years her baby sister Marilyn, who is 80 years old, has been helping out.

"I'm careful what I do that's what she's here for," said Kerchner, "She's really supporting me."

Fern said the Kutztown Grange raised money for the community for projects like planting trees in the park and putting lighting in at the roller rink.

She explained how they raised all that money, "By working for nothing for 20 years."

She doesn't pick up a paycheck and said she doesn't mind the weather either.

"I do not have a problem. I cannot say that I'm hot," said Kerchner.

She said she does this for the companionship.

Asked if she'll get and invitation next year, she said with a laugh. "I hope, if I'm living."

Fern stays off her feet and sits in the back. If you stop by the Grange Kitchen at the festival you might not see her, but you can taste her food. She's responsible for most of the recipes and she said she's already passed them down.