Many began Friday with a moment of silence to remember those lost last week in a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Friday night candles were lit locally in memory of the victims.

The big bright eyes of one child are a reminder of the 20 pairs of eyes that are now at peace.  The names of the 27 victims who died in Newtown, Connecticut were remembered on Route 422 in Womelsdorf.

This is the same school district Charlotte Bacon's father grew up in, Conrad Weiser.

"I just can't even imagine what the parents and families are going through right now," said Shane Tardif, "I just wanted to come out and show my support."

"When it first happened, I just immediately went home after work just hugged them, just told them I loved them because you don't realize how lucky you are, how precious life really can be," said Joanna Moyer.

One week later people are trying to heal.

"There is goodness in the world," said Moyer.

"It's kind of hard to explain exactly what happened," said Gene Ramsey

It was so tragic small children don't really understand.  Kids are sad and so are many parents.

"It's just sad things like that happen," said Ramsey, "People are unbelievable."

The corner of Conrad Weiser Parkway and 3rd Street was just one point of light remembering the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.  There were many points of light throughout Lebanon County as well. 

"I think just being here and being part of this candlelight vigil is something good and helpful," said Tardif.