World War II POWs share their stories in Berks County

Posted: 5:49 PM EDT Oct 04, 2013   Updated: 6:29 PM EDT Oct 04, 2013

Four prisoners of war who survived a Japanese camp during World War II are sharing their incredible stories in Berks County.

The men appeared on WEEU's Feedback program Friday. They all met at the Mukden camp in Northeast China. The camp eventually held nearly 2,000 allied POWs.

Many prisoners were forced to work in a machine tool factory and live in unthinkable conditions.

"The camp was similar to what we call hog pens in the U.S. Long, low, below the ground," said Randall Edwards.

The men also shared their stories with students in Hamburg.

They'll attend memorial services at Belleman's Church in Centre Township and the American Legion in Topton on Saturday.