Zoe's House seeks fosters homes for dogs on death row

Author: , Reporter
Published: Nov 12 2012 07:00:00 PM EST   Updated On: Nov 14 2012 05:50:36 AM EST

A dog is known as man's best friend, and one Berks County woman is doing everything she can to give those friends a fighting chance.

Zoe's House is a network of animal lovers that's saving dogs' lives. Brooklyn is a white pit bull that was rescued by Lakin Harmon.

"She was going to be put down. She's deaf. She was heart worm positive, and she was pregnant," said Harmon, founder of Zoe's House. "And I took her in and she gave birth to eight healthy puppies that are now in their forever homes, and we then started her heart worm treatment."

Harmon started Zoe's House in January. The name is in memory of Zoe, her doberman.

"When I lost her, I really took it hard and decided she brought so much happiness to my life I wanted to do that for other families," said Harmon.

Since she started the organization, Harmon said the group has adopted out 23 dogs, and it has 20 right now.

Zoe's House is made up of a network of foster homes, but Lakin said she could see her organization being much bigger.

"We are in the process of trying to get a non-kill shelter," said Harmon. "So, we're looking at land and that kind of stuff because we really would love to be Berks County's first non-kill shelter and be able to take in on a much larger scale."

But for now she would love to have more foster homes to help dogs like Azure. 

"She's blind from being hit in the head so much, and she was very terrified of anybody," said Harmon. "And now we've had emergency surgery. She's all fixed up health-wise."

Zoe's House rescued Azure.

"She goes right up to people," said Harmon. "She knows nobody is going to hurt me again."

Zoe's House is a nonprofit that relies on volunteers and donations to continue to rescue. It can be found on Facebook.