Hundreds of people filled Albright College's Bollman Gymnasium Sunday afternoon to kick off the Lean & Mean 2014: 10 pounds in 10 Weeks Weight Loss Challenge.

It's part of a campus-wide wellness initiative. The challenge includes weekly weigh-ins.

"I've made almost every excuse not to put in the time and effort into my body. I've gained almost 100 pounds since I moved here," said Mike Winslow, assistant football coach at Albright College in Reading.

"I would rather train my body to do it now, so I don't end up losing control and gaining a lot of weight to the point of no return," said Matthew Betz, an Albright student.

But there's no such thing as the point of no return if you ask Mike Epstein of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss.

The '85 Albright graduate dropped half his body weight, losing more than 220 pounds in just a year. He was 49 at the time.

"A lot of people give up and say they can't do it. That's why I say get a passion, a purpose in your life," Epstein said.

Epstein shared his message with those eager to shed some extra pounds over the next few weeks, and those ready for a new beginning.

"This is hopefully a springboard for long-term health," Winslow said.

"More of a mindset. It is a challenge. It would be great to lose 10 pounds, but to be more in shape, more fit," said Alee Gormley, assistant soccer coach at Albright.

Epstein said those goals are all obtainable, if you trust in the right person.

"Find that inner hero, we all have it," Epstein said.