A man who police said was driving the would-be getaway car following a deadly robbery in Reading has admitted to his role in the crime.

Alexander Garcia-Bialek appeared before a judge Tuesday afternoon to plead guilty to robbery and conspiracy. Prosecutors withdrew second degree murder charges.

Garcia-Bialek, 22, of Fleetwood, supplied two friends with guns and dropped them off at Kricks Korner, 1671 N. Ninth St., on Nov. 4, to rob the store.

He was set to drive them away from the scene, but the masked suspects -- Robert De Carr and William Medina -- were shot and killed in a scuffle with an armed bystander outside the convenience store.  e.

"The individuals who were killed here were his accomplices. Pennsylvania legal precedent did not permit us to follow through with a case for second degree murder," said Berks County District Attorney John Adams.

Friends and family packed the courtroom in support of Bialek.

"He knows the gravity of what he did," said Clayton Riley, a family friend.

Riley said it is especially hard for Bialek's brother to come to terms with the outcome.

"There is mixed emotions because part of him wants to blame the guy that shot the two teens in question, as if it is his fault, but really, that man was doing a civic duty," said Riley.

Bialek will face seven to 15 years in prison.

The man who killed the two suspects was licensed to carry a gun, officials said. He was not charged.