A horse lived up to its name after the heavy wet snow brought down a barn in Berks County and sparked a dramatic rescue.

It was a close call when two horses, Lucky and Pop-Tart, were trapped inside when the barn came crashing down early Friday morning in Amity Township.

Ed Sauer was out shoveling his property when he found the destruction. He immediately panicked and thought his two horses could be pinned underneath the rubble, but then he saw life and felt relief. Pop-Tart poked his head through the stall door.

"I think he was a little traumatized. I called to him and he didn't do anything," said Sauer, who has lived in Berks for years.

The stone wall inside the barn was still in tact, so Sauer knew his other horse, Lucky, would be OK. He notified authorities, and the fire company responded to help free the horses.

"They cut the boards that were in the way and the boards that were hanging down from the second floor," said Sauer.

"We're lucky in the fact it was just the top part of the barn that came down, so the horses were OK," said Kaye Fox, who volunteers for Sauer and feeds the horses every day.

Sauer said the barn on Bieber Lane is at least 100-years-old and the roof is about 50-years-old. He said the roof couldn't hold the weight after the last powerful snowstorm.

Sauer took the collapse in good stride and was thankful his two horses survived.

"Lucky is lucky!" said Sauer.

Both Pop-Tart and Lucky were resting comfortably in another barn on the property. Sauer said since there is no urgent matter, he has not decided if he will rebuild the barn.