Frustration is mounting in one Reading neighborhood after vandals damaged several cars over the weekend.

Police are working to figure out who shattered windows along Hampden Boulevard.

The vandalism spree lasted only a few hours, but it left residents with a costly cleanup.

"It's senseless. Kids don't have things better to do at nighttime than to vandalize other people's property," said Charles Willig, whose wife's van was damaged.

A piece of plastic covered the van's shattered back windshield, but underneath you could see the point of impact. Willig said his wife was in tears, and the car hasn't moved since they found it that way Saturday morning.

"If she pulls out, the whole window will likely shatter and cause damage to a car behind her," said Willig.

The vandals also left their mark on Jayme Eckenroth's car. She found a major dent right above her gas cap.

"I was mad because I thought it was something juvenile to do, and a lot of people had them all across their cars," said Eckenroth.

Police believed it was the work of a BB gun, wielded by a vandal with an unknown motive. It happened between midnight and 6 a.m. Saturday on several blocks along Hampden Boulevard. Residents are hoping the vandals who targeted their vehicle are caught and pay the price.

"Things are hard as it is, let alone fix something that shouldn't be broken or damaged in the first place," said Alfredo Bonet, who lives where the cars were vandalized.

According to police, a stolen car was recovered over the weekend in the city with a BB gun inside. Investigators are not sure if the two incidents are related, but residents hope it's the clue to put the puzzle together.