It's traveled all over the nation, but now an interactive road show that's based in Berks County is in need of a fix. 

The popular playhouse was damaged in an accident on Interstate 78 in Greenwich Township on Wednesday.

"It [the Hobbit House] was built in 1976," said Lisa Fish, manager of Middle-Earth Studios. "My grandparents decided that they wanted to do puppeteering for the rest of their life and they built the Hobbit House and traveled all around California and then traveled obviously further."

The Hobbit House is an interactive playground for kids of all ages. Middle-Earth Studios in Stony Run, Berks Co., runs the traveling road show.

"We're the oldest story-telling troupe in the country," added Fish.

Kids and adults dress up to act out stories from middle earth, similar to Lord of the Rings.

"It makes me feel wonderful," Fish said. "I get kind of emotional with it because I've done it as a child and when I see there faces, when they have that sword in their hand or I put that wreath on a princess when I am dressing her where she just glows."

Now, the stage and the truck carrying it is damaged.

"My grandfather was pinned and had to be cut out," added Fish.

The troupe will use two smaller stages to meet the demands of the show.

"It's really an emotional thing for the Hobbit House to be gone for me," Fish said.

Organizers said they are still hoping for a happy ending to this story, and if everyone plays their part, the curtain will rise once again at the Hobbit House.

"I think as long as our customers that we currently have are willing to take another theater for the next few years until we can rebuild the Hobbit House and get that going again, then I think we'll be good," said Fish.