One Berks County couple is celebrating 10 years this year, and although they are facing a tough road ahead, they are not letting anything stand between their love for one another.

Friends and family snapped pictures and smiled as Beth Carson walked down the aisle toward her husband Adam.

"My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Friday," shared Beth.

The couple was at the Eicher Art Center in Ephrata, Lancaster Co., to renew their vows. The last decade of marriage included two children and Beth's diagnosis of breast cancer.

"I was 32 at the time," she explained. "It doesn't run in my family, so a breast cancer diagnosis completely threw us for a loop."

Adam stood by her side as she went through countless hospital visits, cancer treatments and surgeries. Last month they found out the disease had spread. Beth's cancer is now stage four.

"It went from kind of a happy celebration that I was going to be done with treatment, to more of an emotional kind of like, this might be our last chance to do this."

So they wanted a day to celebrate their lives together, and their love.

"For us to be able to do this, it's very important," Beth said holding back tears.

But it almost didn't come together. That's where Allison Garcia comes in.

"I met her on Facebook and I just wanted to help her," Allison shared.

The ladies were complete strangers. Yet over the last 8 months Allison has raised money, and gotten donations for the renewal ceremony from family, friends and local companies.

"Giant food donated over $100, the Eicher Art Center donated the whole space to us for free," said Allison. "She's amazing, she's an amazing mom and through it all she will still smile and laugh and that's probably a hard thing to do."