An iconic musician who brought music into millions of homes visited Kutztown Area Middle School on Tuesday.     

Jazz musician Bob Dorough, the man behind "Schoolhouse Rock," was commissioned to put the multiplication tables to music in 1971. That was the beginning of what would become ABC's "Schoolhouse Rock," a staple of Saturday morning cartoons from 1973 to 1985.

"Little did I know how many children I would reach through that television. They were captive audiences every Saturday morning," Dorough said.

Faculty and students were excited to have Dorough as a guest.

"It is such an amazing experience for him to be here with the kids, someone of his stature and his talent. It has been such an amazing day," said Shannon Sunday, the school's music director.

And they say his music has transcended time, becoming an educational tool for generation after generation.

"I think that the 21st century students that we are dealing with right now will embrace his music as their parents did," said Carl Zeplin, the school's band director.

Students also joined in and sang with Dorough.

"I hope I will inspire them, and maybe in case, they want to become professionals. And if they do not even want to do that, at least I will give them some fun," said Dorough.

Dorough, who will turn 90-years-old next month, said he still enjoys working with children and demonstrating how important music is in a learning environment.