Cat rescued from 80-foot tree in Berks

Posted: 10:38 PM EST Jan 01, 2014   Updated: 10:02 AM EST Jan 02, 2014
Cat rescued from 80-foot tree

It's a classic American story. A cat stuck in a tree, but the tale of this incredible rescue is something you've never heard before.

Firefighters pulled out all the stops to get a curious cat out of an 80-foot tree in Rockland Twp., Berks Co., on Wednesday.

Two different fire companies were called in and roads were shut down to reunite Rusty, the cat, with his owner.

Rusty got stuck out in the cold, some 80 feet in the air and was missing for a couple days.

A woman in the unit block of Mine Road noticed Rusty high above the ground, in a tree, on Tuesday.

She figured he would come down on his own, but to her surprise she found him still stuck on Wednesday, so she alerted authorities.

For two tense hours, crews fought against the bitter cold and the biting wind to bring Rusty down.

Mine Road had to be closed during the rescue, and around 4 p.m. Wednesday, Rusty was finally back on solid ground.

A crowd gathered to snap photos of the curious cat, who neighbors said was chased up the tree by a dog.