Prosecutors have filed additional charges against two men accused of killing a Berks County woman late last year.

Ryan Schannauer and Adam Lynch were charged Monday with kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping in connection with the death of Ashley Kline, a Robesonia woman whose body was found stabbed and burned in Lancaster County more than a week after she went missing from her home on Dec. 30.

Schannauer, of Spring Township, and Lynch, of Reading, appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Monday, but both men waived their right to the hearing.

The suspects were subsequently ordered to stand trial on the new charges, as well as on the original charges of homicide, arson and abuse of corpse.

The Lancaster County district attorney's office said it is "strongly considering" seeking the death penalty for both suspects.

"It's too early for me to know exactly what we're doing, but in theory, if you're not looking at guilt or innocence, in other words, if there's sufficient evidence of guilt, then of course we're looking at what we call 'mitigation' of the death penalty factors," said Barry Goldman, the attorney representing Schannauer.

Lynch is represented by a public defender, who said the case is in an early phase and that it's going to take time to review the evidence and come up with a defense strategy.

The men, police said, picked up Kline, 23, at her home on Dec. 30 and then assaulted and stabbed her multiple times before dousing her with gasoline, setting her on fire while she was still alive and leaving her to die.

Ashley Kline

Schannauer and Lynch returned to the scene in the Middle Creek Waterfowl Refuge in Clay Twp., Lancaster Co., on Jan. 8, and set her body on fire again, authorities said.

Kline's body was found Jan. 12.

Both men are due back in court for their formal arraignment on March 28.

"I'm sure it's going to be a difficult case. From what I've seen and read so far, it's rather ugly," said Goldman. "Don't know a whole lot about these individuals yet. There's lots to learn... too early to make any determinations."