Reading police search for 'College Night' shooter

Posted: 11:32 AM EST Feb 22, 2014   Updated: 6:45 AM EST Feb 24, 2014
College Night shooting

Reading Police are looking for a man who shot two people at a popular concert venue.

The shooting happened early Saturday outside Club Reverb on North Ninth Street.

Investigators believe cell phones may be the key to cracking this case.

Two cars were sprayed with bullets in the melee. Araceli Nunez's son heard it all just before 2 a.m. Saturday.

"He said, 'I don't know what happened, mom, but it was crazy over there,'" she said. "He said there were two or three fights in the middle there -- fighting. He said then, all of a sudden, he heard the gunshots, but he didn't see nobody."

Students from across Pennsylvania had packed into the club for a party billed as "Reggae College Night."

"It was packed to capacity, so I knew something was going to happen," said George Reyes, who was inside during the shooting. "There was a couple of altercations inside, like two or three, and that probably led to that."

Police said one fight inside quickly snowballed into several brawls in the parking lot.

"There was a disturbance inside the club between a male and a female. A couple of other males became involved in that disturbance," said Reading Police Sgt. John Solecki. "Security quickly ejected all involved out of the club."

But that was just the beginning. Outside in the parking lot, Solecki said several men began assaulting someone.

"The male who was being assaulted -- his friend may have introduced the gun and fired the shots," said Solecki.

Police recovered the weapon, a semi-automatic handgun. Solecki said it was stolen in Berks County. Police are hoping to get usable fingerprints from the gun.

The two victims, both 22 year-old men, have told police they were innocent bystanders.

"They're saying they were not involved in that fight, and we have witness testimony to substantiate that," said Solecki.

One victim is a current Millersville University student; the other is a former student now living in Philadelphia. One was shot in the torso, the other in the leg. Police are not identifying either victim, but they expect both to fully recover.

Club Reverb is a popular venue that draws in national acts. Police and neighbors said it's usually quiet.

"It's only open during the weekends and there's really no issues," said Clayton Maggs, who lives across the street.

With so many college students at the party, Reading Police are hoping someone captured a cell phone video or a photo. If you did, they'd like you to call them at 610-655-6246.