Police say a tip led them to investigate 42-year old Joshua Latman of West Reading for possessing child pornography.  After executing a search warrant in September, they found 196,000 digital images and videos of child pornography.

"I have never been involved in a case that has even close to this many images of child pornography. It is very alarming," said Berks County District Attorney John Adams.

"I am absolutely surprised. He really filled up his hard drive didn't he," said neighbor Suzanne Thompson.

Latman lived in this apartment building in the 400 block of Franklin Street, just feet away from an elementary school.

"Everybody has children and everybody walks their dogs and it is just a very close knit community. We all take care of each other here and it is surprising. But it is horrific," said neighbor Evelyn Vera.

Latman may have lived near a school, but police say they have no evidence that to suggest he was a threat to the students. And although they are shaken up, neighbors say they are glad police arrested him.

"If there were reports of somebody who was a sexual predator who was actually in the streets, I think that would concern me much more," said Thompson.

"I let my niece play outside and now it is like I am more aware I guess. Got to look more into these days," said neighbor Cassandra Vera.

Latman was charged with both possession and dissemination of child pornography. He surrendered to Berks County Detectives Tuesday morning.