Expert: Computers drop in stock prices after fake AP Tweet

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Apr 23, 2013   Updated: 6:02 AM EDT Apr 24, 2013

Local financial planners say Tuesday's hacking of the Associated Press Twitter page shows just how vulnerable financial markets can be.

The fake report that the White House had been bombed sent the Dow Jones down briefly by more than 150 points.

Officials even had to address the issue at the daily White House press briefing saying the president is fine.

Experts say the quick drop could be because computer programs are trained to make quick decisions when bad news hits.

"Some of them have triggers that say sell on bad news, some have triggers that say sell when the market goes down so much, so then they start to feed on each other," Merra Moffitt, financial planner.

Experts say mistakes are caught and corrected.

The market recovered quickly Tuesday after the scare.