A fire broke out at Sprecher's Meats around 7:00 p.m. Friday evening.

Fire crews were there for more than three hours trying to secure the building and make sure it is safe to get inside.

Neighbors say it was a sight to see. They say the smoke was so thick, they could not even see the meat shop across the street.

"One of the guys that was working on the studio apartment in the back, he comes running in as I am cleaning the grill and he says get the hell out there is a fire," said Matt's Steaks Employee Kaitlyn Hardesty.

Hardesty was working inside Matt's Steaks, a business connected to Sprecher's Meats in the 2200 of Reading Avenue in Spring Township, when the blaze began.

"I was scared because you know somebody comes running in saying get the hell out, there is a fire.You do not know what to do. I was in shock," said Hardesty.

While Hardesty was evacuating the building, neighbors nearly a block away were alerted when they smelled smoke.

"I was just laying in my living room playing with my child and my wife and we both actually just smelled smoke and were like what is that," said Spring Township man Jared Schlenker.

Neighbors say when they came outside to look the smoke was so thick you could not even see Sprecher's Meats from across the street.

"It was just all smoldering and smoke everywhere," said Schlenker.

Approximately seven surrounding fire stations responded. Fire officials tell us no one was injured. They do not know what started the fire but the employee inside the sandwich shop says her boss told her a smoker in the meat shop backed up and sparked the fire.