Imagine coming across a burning car only to realize the driver is stuck inside and cannot get out.

That was the reality for several good Samaritans in Maidencreek Township on Monday.

Jim Davis was driving down Park Road when he stumbled upon an accident. The vehicle veered off the road, hit a pole and caught fire, police said.

"I wondered why everyone was clustered around a burning car. I was thinking, 'You should get away from that,' and then I happened to look in and see the guy, and it was very scary seeing somebody trapped in that situation," said Davis, who immediately sprang into action.

Davis joined several other good Samaritans in trying to put out the fire and rescue the man trapped inside the vehicle.

"He was cut up from a lot of the glass. He was pretty bloody and just completely disoriented, and there was no way he was going to be able to get himself out of the vehicle," Davis said. "If those people had not helped him out, he would not have gotten out."

One person grabbed a fire extinguisher, another grabbed a pry bar and they managed to get the man out just before rescue crews arrived, Davis said.

"No. I am not a hero at all. Not a hero at all. I just hope somebody would do that for me," said Davis.

The victim was taken to Reading Hospital and is expected to be okay, police said.