Some teachers in Berks County are learning how to spot potential signs of violence in schools before things escalate.

Raymond Carr, a special agent with the FBI, met Wednesday with teachers in the Governor Mifflin School District to help them identify some of the early warning signs.

"The goal of this training is to provide our teachers with a greater sense of overall awareness," said Kevin Smith, Governor Mifflin's director of safe schools. "We want teachers to have an understanding of where threats originate and be able to identify what sort of warning signs require additional attention or resources to avoid an escalated incident."

Governor Mifflin is the first school district in Berks County to participate in the program, which was initially designed for law enforcement officers, organizers said.

"Within our district, there are several levels of safety and response measures that we have deployed and continue to reinforce, but if we can prevent a incident, we will never have to use most of what is already in place," Smith said. "Preventing incidents is one of our highest priorities and that is what this training is about."

Wednesday was the first in-service day of the new school year for teachers. The first day of classes is next Monday.