A horse owner faced quite the scare early Thursday morning after his 28-year-old mare, "Whiskers," slipped on icy grass and fell.

"She was actually on her side, but she had slid against the fence and her back end was on the ice, so naturally I couldn't slide her around myself," said Rodney Weinhold, owner of the half-ton horse.

Weinhold then phoned 911 and was soon assisted by firefighters from both Gibraltar and Geigertown. Crews helped Weinhold tie one end of rope to his tractor and wrap the other end around Whiskers.

"Some help with the rope and help of us pushing, [Whiskers] finally got enough strength to feel comfortable to stand," said Matthew Dotter, a Gibraltar firefighter.

Dotter said crews were called to the Robeson Township home around 8:30 a.m., and spent nearly an hour bringing Whiskers to her feet. About 10 firefighters assisted.

Although the horse was cold and visibly exhausted from the struggle, Weinhold told 69 News that she was unharmed and seems to be doing fine. He believes she was only on the ground for several minutes before he noticed her condition and phoned for help.

"I was concerned," said Weinhold. "I thought she was dead, to tell you the truth."