It was a shocking sight for many in Amity Twp., Berks Co., Monday afternoon when a hot air balloon landed on a resident's front lawn.

"I was amazed," said Doris Edleman, who was cooking dinner for family when she noticed the massive balloon approaching her home on Ridge Drive.

"I had never seen any that close. And it was huge," she told 69 News.

Edleman said the balloon descended along the side of her home before landing in her front yard. She said many neighbors came outside to watch, and traffic was slowing.

"We came outside, snapped some pictures. Everybody in the neighborhood was anticipating where it was going to land," said Torie Shaffer, a nearby resident. "It's exciting."

Neighbors said there were six people in the balloon, owned by the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Team, based out of Pottstown, Montgomery Co.

Stan Hess, the team's president, told 69 News that the landing wasn't an accident or emergency. He said landings occur in several areas, even residential spots - the end of a thrill for riders, and the beginning of a thrill for those on the ground.

"If you get the chance to be able to see one land, it's worth watching," said Shaffer.

"I hope they do it again," said Edleman.