Some lucky Kutztown University students are about to embark on the experience of a lifetime.

They will be leaving Berks County on Thursday and heading to New York City to volunteer with the Super Bowl Committee. Even though they are not going to the big game, they are still excited for the experience.

"It is going to be nuts," said Kutztown senior Timothy Szewczak. "Now that I am a fan of the Broncos, I will definitely enjoy being around other fans of the team."

All 36 Kutztown students will be working on this year's welcoming committee.

"They are pretty much welcoming everybody to the city from people at the airports to people on the streets, hotels, monuments up in New York. Just a lot of people helping others out," said Szewczak.

But this is not their first year volunteering on the front lines.

Several Kutztown University Leisure and Sports Studies students went to New Orleans last year and volunteered to work in the convention center for the NFL experience. That is where trophies, rings and jerseys were on display and kids learned to kick and throw a football.

"I would recommend it to everyone. We actually had like 60 students apply for it this year and we are only taking 36. It is a great opportunity and I would tell people to try their hardest to get on next year's trip," said Kutztown senior Zachary Werner.

Werner had such a good experience last year that he could not pass up another opportunity.

"Being that it is so close and I am a senior, it is like the last hurrah before I graduate. Being that New Orleans was so much fun, I just hope to make that experience even better this year," said Werner.

The students will return Monday morning.