A Reading man is speaking out after having a gun-pointed at him during a convenience store armed robbery.

Alex Hazem was on his third day of the job at the 7-Eleven in the 400 block of Lackawanna Street Saturday.

The clerk said the first two nights of work went smoothly.

But day three turned out to be a day he'll never forget, when two disguised men, one with a shotgun, walked into the store.

In the surveillance video, the two men walk in with dark clothing, faces covered, and white gloves on their hands.

The man with the gun proceeds to the counter, while the other man hangs back by the door.

Hazem said the armed man had just one thing to say:

"I find the guy pointing the gun at me say, 'give me the money.' I say 'okay, okay' and I just raised my hands….I just get the cash and give him bills," Hazem said.

In the video, the bandit takes the wads of cash and stuffs them into his pocket.

Then, the armed man points the gun at the other cash register.

This time, he was handed the entire cash tray.

Hazem and his coworker waited for the men to leave and then locked the doors until police arrived.

But Hazem, a loyal worker, was ready to get back to business.

"I continued the shift. Just took a break for one hour and went back to work," Hazem said.

Police said while the pair was on the run- they left something behind.

$30 was found outside Kimberly Hartman's fence.

Hartman lives just feet from the convenience store with her five kids.

She said it's not the first time something like this has happened.

"They always seem to run through my yard….Not something you want to hear people are running through your yard with weapons," Hartman said.

Hartman and Hazem have one message for the bandits--get a job.

"I think it's better to be doing work than doing this," Hazem said.

"Get a job and leave the people at 7-Eleven alone," Hartman said.

No one was injured.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information should call Reading Police immediately.