A man riding a bicycle in Berks County was killed when he was hit by a car Tuesday morning.

The accident was reported at 6:12 a.m. at Fleetwood Lyons and School roads in Richmond Township, just outside Fleetwood.

Both the bicyclist and the driver of the striking vehicle were traveling east on Fleetwood Lyons Road, heading to work at nearby East Penn Manufacturing, when the vehicle struck the cyclist from behind, police said.

The vehicle continued for about two-tenths of a mile before the driver was flagged down by another motorist, police said.

Crews on the scene performed CPR on the 56-year-old cyclist, identified by police as Michael Steffey, but he later died at the hospital, the coroner said.

Steffey was wearing a helmet and fluorescent-colored clothing, police said.

"We see now that the best intentions aren't always enough to keep a tragedy from occurring," said Chief Steven Stinksy, Fleetwood Police Dept.

Some residents of Fleetwood Lyons Road said, with the amount of motor vehicles, bicycles, and horse and buggies on the road, the speed limit is too high at 55 miles per hour.

"I would recommend that you don't walk on the sides of the roads here because it could be life threatening," said Rick Bardsley.

Police have been running aggressive driving enforcement projects in the area to enforce safe driving.

"This definitely is not about revenue, and it's not about writing tickets," Stinsky said.