While Tuesday's snowstorm was milder than those experienced recently, many people are still exhausted by the cleanup.

"This is getting tiring," said David Weik, of Sinking Spring, Berks Co.

Neighbor Vicki Pinder agreed: "I take a lot of Motrin afterwards or before [shoveling]."

Many told 69 News that the massive snow mounds are creating shoveling difficulties as residential neighborhoods have little room left for more buildup.

"Accumulation-wise… it's unreal," said Pinder.

"It's hard to throw," said Weik. "My wife says she throws it up and it comes back up on her."

Pinder faced similar issues when using her snow blower.

"You snow blow and then… have to go back and shovel where it blew down. So it's just easier for me to shovel," she said.

Pinder said she had never seen so much snow on her block and didn't expect to see some sidewalk corners until spring.

"You can't shovel it. You can't move it. It's ice now. So it's up to the weather to warm us up and melt us down," said Pinder.

"This is just one of those rare, once-in-awhile kind of snow winters," said Weik. "[I'm] waiting for spring."