Milk prices may skyrocket

Posted: 10:53 PM EDT Oct 29, 2013

Milk is a staple for many families. But with Congress struggling to pass a farm bill, there is a threat that milk prices will skyrocket.

"I guess I will not be drinking milk anymore," said Wyomissing resident Rashawn Murchison.

69 News heard a lot of that in Wyomissing once people heard where milk prices may go.

"I think that it is ridiculous. My son goes through milk like crazy," said Reading resident Latoya Barclay.

Latoya Barclay has a 17-month-old son who goes through a gallon of milk every two days. They are one of the families that could take a hit if Congress cannot pass a farm bill.

The main dispute in the farm bill is actually food stamps. The House wants to cut the program more than the Senate does. Since the farm bill sets policy for both food stamps and farm subsidies, milk prices will suffer.

"They need to figure out something so it does not raise our prices. I mean, all we are trying to do is feed our kids," said Barclay.

"I think government has kind of gotten away from what it is supposed to be. You know, the point was for the people and I do not think they are making decisions for the people," said Murchison.

Shoppers 69 News has spoken with are feeling so sour about the idea of increased milk prices that they say they may stop drinking it.

"I am going to have to buy it. But believe me, I will cut out a lot of things that I would use milk for if I am paying $7 or $8 a gallon," said Oley resident Linda Mendenhall.

Lawmakers have until the end of the year to finish the farm bill before the dairy subsidies expire. Until then, it is no use crying over spilled milk.