No penalty for Hamburg football player in fight on field

Posted: 2:05 PM EST Feb 25, 2014   Updated: 5:59 AM EST Feb 26, 2014
Case closed against Hamburg football player

The case is closed. Hamburg Area High School's starting quarterback Joe Cominsky will not face any penalties for hitting another player in the head with a helmet.

Cominsky was in the limelight in September after he ripped off an Annville-Cleona High School player's helmet and hit him in the head with it twice. After months of reviewing the evidence, police decided to press charges.

"He should be disciplined. There is no reason to act like that," said James McIntyre in Annville.

But Allan Sodomsky, Cominsky's attorney defended the player, saying he should not face simple assault and disorderly conduct charges because he was defending another teammate.

"You should never hit anybody, forget about it with a helmet. You should not hit somebody. But what do you do when your teammate is being struck and when you pull that person off, they grab at you?" Sodomsky asked.

In the end, charges were dropped and Cominsky's record will be expunged. But people in both Annville and Hamburg disagree with the final outcome.

"That is a shame because kids cannot be held accountable for what they do and then wonder why they get in trouble later on in life. If he did something to harm somebody else he should definitely have been in trouble for it," said Lisa Strickler in Annville.

"I think he should have been charged with some sort of ARD where he had to do community service and to know that what he is doing is wrong and unsportsmanlike," said Ron Zongora in Hamburg.

We reached out to Josh Hartman's family, the player on the other side of those blows, and the family did not want to comment.

Cominsky's attorney tells us Cominsky apologized to Hartman and both the Hamburg and Annville-Cleona teams.