A man will spend up to 20 years behind bars for shooting another man inside a laundromat in Berks County.

Pablo Martinez pleaded guilty to robbery and aggravated assault charges. He was ordered Monday to serve 10 to 20 years in state prison.

Martinez, police said, was armed with a rifle and wearing a mask when he demanded the wallet and cell phone of a customer inside the Wash Around the Clock laundromat in Kenhorst in August.

A struggle ensued as the victim, Eric Vouse, fought back. Vouse ended up being grazed in the head by a bullet during the struggle, but he still managed to get the upper hand over Martinez, who begged to be let go, police said.

"Do not go along with the program. Fight back. These knuckleheads can be whooped. They are not invincible. Just fight back. Do not be scared," Vouse later told 69 News.