PennDOT trucks are ready for whatever Mother Nature may bring Tuesday. 

PennDOT spokesperson Ron Young said trucks were already out Monday night and will be out overnight, salting icy spots as needed.

They will monitor the forecast and make adjustments as needed.

"In the morning, probably in the 4 to 5 a.m. time frame, we'll probably get a full compliment out there, get ready for the storm to come," said Young.

"If we do get at least two inches of snow it'll be a plowing operation and they'll keep plowing until the storm is over and then use material, salt, at the end of the storm to melt anything that's still on the road," he added. "There should be also material left from yesterday's storm on the roads, too. There's some salt that's still out there so that'll help with the melting process."

Crews will work 12 hours shifts until everything is clear, according to Young.

"They know what they're doing. We start in September, they go through their training in September, get all their routes in September, they run them before winter comes," added Young.

"Some of the secondary roads might be an anti skid treatment or anti skid and salt mixture treatment . Anti skid is basically just ground up limestone, small pieces of limestone with sand mixed in for traction," said Young.  "We have plenty of salt on hand, that's not an issue. We've only used in our whole district about 9,000 tons so far. That's about a tenth of what we used all winter last year."

Young reminds drivers to give themselves extra time Tuesday morning and to stay back at least six car lengths if they're near a truck plowing or putting down salt.