You've probably heard of the "Dog Whisperer." But how about the 'cat reader'?

A sweet picture of a Berks County boy has gone viral.

Second grader Colby Procyk reads to cats at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County in Cumru Township as part of the Books Buddies program.

His mom Katie said it's a great way to get Colby to read aloud, and the cats don't judge, so the kids can feel more comfortable.

It's a bonus for the animals, too. It's good for their socialization.

"They are not really used to people because they were just in the wild, so it's kinda actually really fun," Colby said.

Colby's mom said she snapped this now famous photo of him with her cell phone on a whim.

"He put his arm out. The cat crawled up under his arm and kinda sat there as he was reading and I just happened to snap the picture with my cell phone through the bars of the cat colony," said Katie Procyk. "I can't believe it's gotten as big as it has."

Procyk posted it on the ARL website, and someone who was looking for volunteer opportunities saw the picture and reposted it on Reddit.

The photo has been viewed more than two million times.

Colby's mom said the best part is the recognition it's brought to the ARL. She said there are donations coming in from all across the country because of it, and other shelters are now interested in starting their own book buddies program.