A disturbing case of animal cruelty has police urging the driver of a pickup truck to surrender after throwing cats out the window in broad daylight.

Local residents are outraged after finding two dead cats in the street.

"I was crushed, because we used to have three cats ourselves," said Janie Procopio, who was both disturbed and disgusted by the cruel crime.

Procopio found one of the cats outside her home.

"It was lying on the street and it put its leg up and then down and then that was it," said Procopio.

Around 10:15 a.m. Friday, police received a report that the driver of a dark blue pickup truck with a cap on it was chucking the cats out the window while driving north on Reedy Road.

"There was a baby kitten and its eyes were open and it was just in the middle of the street," said Jessica Flores, who found the dead kitten at North Hull Street and Cacoosing Avenue in Sinking Spring.

The other cat was in the 3300 block of Reedy Road in Spring Township. Police believe both were hit by cars after being thrown.

"We're certainly worried worried anybody that's going to commit this type of cruelty to animals can commit the same type of cruelty to more animals or even human beings," said Chief Lee Schweyer of the Sinking Spring Police Department.

Julie Drey lives on Reedy Road where one of the cats was found. She is a cat owner and animal lover and can't imagine anyone being so brazen and cruel.

"I would really love to find out who is doing that and I will keep an eye out and watch for that," said Drey.

Chief Schweyer said this is a clear cut case of animal cruelty and urged the driver to surrender.

Police said they received calls and tips Tuesday and vowed to charge the driver to the fullest extent of the law when the case is solved.

Investigators have not said if the cats were dead before they were thrown from the truck.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sinking Spring Police at 610-678-1906 or Berks Crime Alert at 877-373-9913.