A brazen bandit helped herself to a bartender's tip jar inside a historic hotel, and it was all caught on camera, said police.

Zac Fenstermacher was left with a broken heart, and a lot of questions. His hard work went down the drain after his tips were taken inside the Bower's Hotel in Maxatawny Township, Berks Co.

"I would like to know why, why here and why me?" said Fenstermacher, who is struggling to make ends meet. "You try and go that extra mile, then all of a sudden someone comes in and it's gone."

Fenstermacher, 24, said the heartless thief was in and out in under two minutes. She was captured on surveillance video inside the bar. First, she looked to see if anyone was around. Then, she walked up to the bar and stood on two bar stools to get a better view. Next thing you know, she walked out with Fenstermacher's hard-earned cash.

"It's just hard to believe that somebody would just come in and try and take something that wasn't theirs," said Rich Tremmel, owner of the Bower's Hotel.

A customer ran after the woman, but she managed to get away. The theft happened Tuesday around 2 p.m. while Fenstermacher was in the kitchen preparing food for another customer.

His tip jar was behind the bar next to the register. Now, he keeps his tips hidden after he said the woman got away with $40. It may not sound like a lot of money, but for Fenstermacher, who is working to support himself, it's a lot.

"She shouldn't get away with it, it shouldn't be something that's forgotten," Fenstermacher said.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the woman is heavy set, and about 30 years old. She was last seen driving a red Hyundai Elantra with PA tags.

Fenstermacher and police want her caught, before she has the chance to steal from someone else.

Anyone with information is urged to call state police at 610-378-4011.