All of the snow that's fallen recently is keeping road crews busy, especially private contractors.

Some workers said they're exhausted trying to keep up with Mother Nature.

"It's one of the toughest things, especially if we get it all at once. We call these double whammies," said John Marcincavage, owner of H & M Lawn and Tree Service.

Marcincavage said it's been years since he's had so many snow removal jobs before the start of winter, and with storms occurring back-to-back, many workers are beat.

"We don't have time to fix the trucks. We don't have time to load the trucks, and most importantly, we don't have time to sleep," Marcincavage said.

Marcincavage told 69 News his workers mainly take care of commercial lots and work in pairs. During snow removal jobs, employees need to stay at their assigned location until all is clear. Over the weekend, that meant 30 straight hours of work for some.

"It's just too much all at once," said Marcincavage.

But the good news about back-to-back storms, workers said, is the residual salt on roads.

"The salt builds up if [storms] are close enough together. The last one was Saturday, so it's Tuesday and there's a lot of salt still working so it saves that way and makes the job a little bit easier and safer for everyone," said Harry Foley, an H & M employee.

Foley told 69 News the extra revenue earned is another plus to the exhausting work.

"This is a good way for us to add to normal income so, you know, it works for us," said Foley. "I'm sure it's inconvenient for a lot of others but for us, it's good."