A proposed chicken farm is ruffling some feathers in Berks County.

Neighbors who live in part of Richmond Township where a chicken processing plant is being proposed said the area isn't zoned for that type of operation.

Josh Zimmerman is planning to put two buildings that will house 63,000 chickens in the area of Gift Road. He said he's getting all the proper permits.

Neighbors said they get along with Zimmerman, but they said they have a petition urging township officials to have the operation moved farther away from their houses.

"It's not the proper zone to be putting this type of facility. There's concerns of you know water contamination and flies and vermin, but it's all speculation," said Wes Clark, neighbor.

"Contrary to what the neighbors feel the operation is, in rural conservation but intensive agriculture or confined animal operation is allowed in this township or this zoning," said Zimmerman.

Neighbors plan to present township officials with their petition at a meeting Monday night.