A Berks County family is left heart-broken after they say their puppy was killed in an apparent hunting accident Saturday.

Barbara Dieter, of the 200 block of Guinea Road in Kempton, Albany Township, says her 10-month-old dog Lilly was found dead in the woods Sunday morning. The family believes the dog was killed by a hunter's arrow.

Dieter described Lilly, an Australian Shepherd/pointer mix, as a very affectionate dog. "Lilly played with everyone. She didn't have a mean bone in her body," she said.

Dieter says she and members of her family first noticed Lilly did not respond when they called for her outside their home around 5 p.m. Saturday.

At around 7:30, Dieter says she received a call from a neighbor who said hunters using his wooded property informed him they shot and killed a dog with an arrow.

Dieter says several members of her family spent hours looking for Lilly Saturday night, with no success. They eventually found the dog dead Sunday morning in the woods.

Dieter says it appears an arrow went through the dog. She says they were unable to locate an arrow.

Dieter's family reported the incident to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

A dispatcher with the Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed receiving a report of the dog's death on Sunday and said an officer will be reviewing the incident during the week.