Brewing Beer in the Rubber City Writing books about the brewing industry is certainly nothing new for Robert Musson. He has self-published several volumes about the history of brewing in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, all of which are available through Zepp Publications.

"Almost all breweries, like Yuengling, they have so many pictures associated with them -- pictures of the brewing process, pictures of the advertising, and labels and cans and people and everything else," Musson said.

He has also completed two other books with Arcadia Publishing. The first, titled "Brewing in Cleveland," was released in 2005; the second, published last year, is titled "Brewing in Greater Pittsburgh." But Musson is not stopping there. In fact, he is already looking ahead to his next project.

"I have an interest in all of these breweries really throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, and if I had the time, I would love to continue to do books on all of them because I just think their histories are fascinating, and I think it's a very visual sort of history," Musson said.

But his next project is leading him on a path toward his other passion -- roads and their history.

"I'm actually working on a book right now, covering the history of U.S. Route 22, which goes just north of Reading. I've done a couple other books on roads. They're full of pictures of old motels and gas stations and various other sites along the routes."

Route 22 And Musson was willing to share an interesting tidbit of information he recently learned during his research of Route 22.

"Up until the 30s, 22 actually went right through Reading and then turned north to head up towards Allentown. Now, it's been realigned to the north, but it's a very interesting road. It goes all the way from Cincinnati to Newark, N.J., and there's just a tremendous amount of history along its course."

Musson said he expects it will take him about a year to complete the Route 22 book, so stay tuned.