Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer's administration released a statement Wednesday in response to residents' concerns about the city's snow removal efforts.

"We thank the residents who have reached out to the city with suggestions as to how to relieve the congestion and parking issues," the statement read. "Many of the suggestions, such as curb-to-curb plowing and hauling away excess snow can certainly help to relieve the situation. Unfortunately, with severely curtailed resources and the thick layers of ice, coordinating such an effort would have been a difficult task."

The city said it will review its snow emergency plan in order to be better prepared for future storms.

Several residents have called and emailed 69 News to complain about the city's snow removal efforts and parking problems following last Thursday's storm, which dumped more than a foot of snow on top of what had already accumulated in Reading.

"The city has 173.3 miles of streets to plow with limited staff and resources," the Spencer administration said in its statement. "The drivers are doing the best they can, with the limited resources available. Plowing efforts on smaller streets have been more of a challenge for our crews."

The city also reminded residents that it is against the law to use items such as chairs and buckets to reserve parking spaces on public streets. City workers and police officers will begin collecting those items on Thursday.