Kimberly Houck was honored as military hero. Houck, a former MP who served in the Persian Gulf, takes care of military families in crisis. Some are deployed and need assistance with emergencies or issues at home. Houck finds them food and housing, navigates them through endless paperwork and helps them with their benefits.

Rich Evans, Peter Hart, Trell Davis, Ben Lutz and Curt Wallace, employees of Kohl Building Products in Bern Township, were honored as adult good Samaritan heroes. The men saved the life of a co-worker, Jim Coxey, who was suffering from cardiac arrest.

"The first thing I noticed was Jim wasn't Jim," said Davis. "It looked like he was gone."

"His face was purple," said Wallace. "He wasn't breathing at all. He wasn't moving."

"I went for his pulse at his neck and I didn't feel anything," said Hart.

"I ripped open his shirt and started doing CPR," said Davis.

The men were able to revive Coxey twice until help arrived. 

"They're my heroes," said Coxey. "hey are great guys, and they have skills that I did not know they possessed."

Tyler Byrnes and Danny Reightneour were honored as youth good Samaritan heroes. The teens, students at Daniel Boone High School, were on their way home one day in January 2012 when they noticed smoke coming from a home. The boys saved the lives of the two men still inside.

"When we got them to open the door and their attention, the smoke was from our eyes all the way up," said Byrnes.

69 News anchor Karin Mallett served as emcee of the event.

Local entrepreneur Severin Fayerman delivered the keynote speech, sharing his dramatic story of surviving the holocaust as a prisoner in German concentration camps. His family later emigrated to the United States in 1946.

Fayerman later sold and signed copies of his book, "A Survivor's Story," donating all the proceeds to the American Red Cross.

The American Red Cross is already accepting nominations for its 2014 hero awards. You can go to the Red Cross's website to nominate someone you feel is deserving of the honor.