The council members thanked those who stayed for the remainder of the meeting.

Councilman Christopher Daubert, who indicated he would not vote for the dissolution ordinance, said, "I've always thought democracy has never been a spectator sport. I commend people for coming out and voicing their opinion on something that is so critical. But there is a process and we have to follow it."

Council President Francis Acosta closed the meeting by repeating that he stands behind the council’s decision and is dedicated to keeping the process “clean and transparent.”

He also wanted the residents to know that he only has the city’s best interests at heart.

“Please understand that we are not monsters sitting on council planning the night before on how to destroy this city!"

Both the resolution to obtain outside legal counsel and the ordinance notifying RAWA of the termination of the water lease will be made available online for the public with the next meeting agenda, in approximately two weeks.

A meeting among City Council, city administration and RAWA representatives is still pending.