Water woes in a Berks County borough came to an end Thursday evening as officials said a problem that prompted the need for residents to conserve water was fixed.

Borough employees in Shoemakersville spent Thursday afternoon, going door-to-door posting notices on everyone's homes. The request was made after officials noticed problems with the control panel at the borough's water plant.

"My nephews are outside at school playing and you need to give a kid a shower," said Aubrey Bouman, who lives in the borough. "They can't just not shower."

According to officials, the power supply failed Thursday morning, which caused the filter plant to stop pumping water.

The borough was still able to draw water from two wells, but officials didn't know what caused the problem.

Shoemakersville is home to 1,377 people, according to the 2012 census. Being told to conserve water was not the news Andrea Love wanted to hear.

"Especially at this time when we're cooking and baking and getting ready for Christmas. Then, you're going to be washing dishes and need the water," said Love, who has lived in the borough for more than 20 years.

The problem affected anybody on the public water system, said officials.

The Shoey Diner has only been open for seven months, and owners were concerned about losing business.

"It's going to affect us hard, a lot of our customers come in and that's what they get water with lemon," said Julie Himmelberger, manager at the diner. "Hopefully, they get it taken care of quickly and efficiently."

Workers ordered a new part Thursday afternoon, and by early Thursday evening, the problem was fixed, sooner than officials said they had expected.