The snowfall may have stopped, but the snow itself remains, causing headaches for people living all across Berks County.

"Seems like as soon as it melts and you can see the grass again, the next one comes," said John Lewis, of Wyomissing.

Lewis said he's spent hours so far this season cleaning off cars and shoveling sidewalks.

"It's a good workout," said Lewis. "I made sure to get up early this morning and eat right because I knew I was going to be out here for a few hours."

Lewis and his neighbors told 69 News it's been years since they've experienced so many back-to-back storms with such Arctic cold.

"These wind chills below zero are hard to deal with," said Loretta Minear.

All in all, residents said they're grateful the worst is seemingly over, at least for now.

"Everything worked out great for us," said Lewis. "I just hope and pray it does for everybody else, too. And that they're safe and get through the day alright."