The organizer of what was being called the "Naked and Scared Challenge" has been forced to alter his plans for the controversial event.

Shocktoberfest's property straddles the borough of Sinking Spring and Spring Township. Officials in both municipalities were not scared and laid down the law.

"He didn't follow the guidelines. That's the reason we're denying it," said Jay Vaughan, the manager of Spring Township.

The scream park submitted its permit months ago, but Vaughan said the owner never included details about the new, naked change. The ordinance states the application must be submitted 30 days before any advertising. So now, it's not permitted on Spring Township property.

"We felt this was a significant change to a large public gathering," said Vaughan.

Plans for the original challenge, inspired by the hit show, "Naked and Afraid," on the Discovery Channel, would have permitted guests to take off their clothes and experience Shocktoberfest in the nude.

The idea of people baring it all and exposing themselves to a new level of fear garnered international attention. It even caught the eye of Jay Leno.

"This Halloween, the town of Sinking Spring, Pa., is going to offer a naked haunted house," Leno said during his monologue Tuesday night.

Berks County Commissioner Christain Leinbach called the event an embarrassment to Berks County. On his Facebook page, he posted, "Someone that would introduce this to our community, in order to make a buck, doesn't think much of our community."

Shocktoberfest's business partner, The Crowne Plaza, was scared away. The hotel pulled out this year and said it's not a right fit.

So scratch the nude, the event will now be prude only. Everyone must wear underwear, and the owner said it will now take place on the Sinking Spring side of the park's property.

"Obviously, we're disappointed. We felt we looked into it from every angle, making sure it was legal," said Pat Konopelski, owner of Shocktoberfest.

Konopelski said he will offer a refund to everyone who purchased tickets and who is no longer interested. He plans to offer the fully nude option next year.